It all begins here


Creating high quality, affordable active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) is one of the keys to help us bring good health to all. In fact, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories began as an API manufacturer and has consistently built on its strengths in this area through the years. The result? Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories is one of the top producers of APIs in the world.

Today, the API Business caters to leading innovator and generic companies across the US, Europe, Latin America, Japan, Korea and other emerging markets. Over the years, we have developed deep technical strengths in the development of complex APIs such as steroids, peptides, complex long chain synthesis and oncology. Our expertise in intellectual property and regulatory issues helps us consistently deliver the highest quality APIs that meet or exceed regulatory standards. At the same time, our agility enables our customers be the first-to-market by providing offerings ranging from intermediates to end formulations.