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Our patient-centric approach extends to our quality policy as well. Our focus on quality helps ensure product safety and efficacy, regardless of the drug form. This is only possible with an extremely high degree of teamwork throughout the company—with a common goal of quality.

We establish uniform standards for all products, regardless of geography. At Dr. Reddy’s, we believe meeting pharmacopeia requirements is minimum standard. Our policy of continuous process and product improvement drives us to work toward exceeding these minimum standards.

Consistency is rarely an accident. Rather, it is the result of a well-conceived, rigorously implemented Quality Monitoring System (QMS). Our QMS focuses on continual improvement aimed at optimizing processes and eliminating non-value-adding efforts in production. These efforts are primarily directed towards reducing variability in process and product quality characteristics.

To achieve this, we follow a four-step process:

  • Adopt Quality by Design (QbD) approach in Manufacturing and clearly identify sources of variability and minimize them on an ongoing basis.
  • Be right the first time. Identify and eliminate defects. Improve efficiency.
  • Undertake “risk-based” approach to manufacturing and mitigate risks wherever they are likely to impact quality
  • Develop transparency in all areas of operations and build robust quality culture across the organization.