Our Brand

Ask any of the 20,000 employees at Dr. Reddy's why they come to work every day, and you are bound to hear, 'because Good Health Can't Wait.' These simple words describe the deep-rooted belief that drives us. Sometimes, the simplest words describe the most profound truths.

'Good Health' is always our goal. We see medicines not just as molecules, but as means to help patients regain their health. As a leader in the pharmaceutical industry, we realize our unique role; we have the ethical and moral imperative to ensure good health can be delivered to those who need it, and to promote wellness among them.

'Can't Wait' reflects our commitment to act with speed to find innovative solutions that address the unmet needs of patients, and to accelerate access to much-needed medicines for people around the world.

Our belief is guided by our principles - Empathy and Dynamism -, which provide both guidance for our current behavior and inspiration for our future actions.

Our Brand

Our Brand

We accelerate access
to affordable and
innovative medicines 
Good Health
Can’t Wait.


Our Brand
Our Promises

Our Promises

What we do to be true to our belief and to achieve our purpose is driven by our promises.

    • Bringing expensive medicine within reach
    • Addressing unmet patient needs
    • Helping patients manage disease better
    • Enabling and helping our partners ensure that our medicines are available where needed
    • Working with partners to help them succeed