Dr. Reddy's in China


In China, Dr. Reddy’s laboratories Ltd. operates through its joint venture with Rotam Group of Canada. The joint venture is widely known as KunshanRotam Reddy Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (KRRP).

KRRP was established in Year 2000 complying with China laws, situated in Kunshan Economic & Technological Development Zone (KETD), which is a state-level investor-friendly development zone with abundant infrastructure facilities and scientific talents.

All our Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) products and Finished Dosage (FD) plants (tablet, capsule, cream, and imported repacking tablet) have gained GMP certificates from SFDA. KRRP is equipped with an in-house research institute specializing in new product development and a team of highly-qualified personnel is actively developing new products in the focus therapeutic areas of Central Nervous System (CNS), Gastroenterology, Cardiology, Endocrinology, Dermatology, Rheumatology, and so on. We have robust product pipeline and a host of products are at different stages of registration. We have been seeking best from better, continuously advancing technology level, and enhancing efficiency of operations as well as improving quality standards.

KRRP has been able to establish a strong presence in CNS, Dermatology, Gastroenterology and Endocrinology segments with its brands. Across China market, KRRP is ranked No. 1 in promotion of Anti gout product and No. 3 in promotion of one of the CNS product. KRRP has a well-established distribution network covering almost all Of China and products of KRRP are available in several hospitals and pharmacies all over China.


1994 Company Incorporated, originally as KunshanRotam Pharmaceuticals Co. , Ltd. in Kunshan Economic & Technical Development Zone
Apr 1999 The First Imported Re-packing Product, Galle Donau Tab. Put into Production
Oct 1999 Obtained License of Benzbromarone Capsules, the First New Drug and Put into Production
Jun 2000 Formed JV KunshanRotam Reddy Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. with Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, India
Aug 2000 Obtained GMP Certification
Dec 2001 Awarded the Title of "Kunshan High & New Technology Enterprises"
Jun 2002 API Facility Built in with GMP Approval
Aug 2003 Obtained License of Ramipril, a Class 3 Product
Dec 2003 Awarded the Title of "Suzhou High & New Technology Enterprises"
Feb 2006 New Business Model Emerging Business in Formulation Segment Launched
Dec 2007 Achieved Sustainable Break Even & Moved into Profit Zone
Jun 2008 Awarded the Title of "Kunshan Harmonious Labor Relations Enterprises"
Dec 2008 Obtained "Jiangsu Provincial Foreign Research and Development Organization"
May 2009 Opened Rotam Reddy Shanghai Branch
Nov 2010 Successfully Passed GMP Renewal