Dr. Reddy's in South Africa

Dr. Reddy’s – South Africa operation is a wholly-owned subsidiary and one of the leading generics players in the country. With a dedicated field force we focus on key therapeutic areas like Central Nervous System (CNS) and Primary Care.

Our advantageous position is ensured through the presence of key contributors in our business model. Our Research & Development capability helps us ensure enhanced FTL Opportunities through non-infringing pdts and supports differentiation with products and competitors. Alongside, our in-house API manufacturing capabilities assures cost competitiveness in both private and tender based markets. Our Formulation capabilities and strong business development team ensures high-quality in-house product pipeline, shapes licensing strategy to maximize market share and enrich the product basket. All the more our committed filed force has also been promising in recent years while reaching to all segments of the market.

Our Brief History

Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd. started its operations in South Africa through Triomed who were holding registration for two of our products. Soon after Triomed was acquired by Aspen, we decided to enter the market directly through a joint venture with Venturepharm in 2004. From 2004-2007, through the three year agreement with Pharmaplan we marketed major products.After the agreement was over, the joint venture decided to hire sales and marketing field force for direct marketing. In absence of a portfolio of products and mostly being acute lines, the team decided to go with a trading model foe next three years to gain traction in the market. The focus during this time was primarily on General Practitioners and Dispensing Doctors.

In August, 2010, the joint-venture became a 100% wholly-owned subsidiary of Dr. Reddy’s. In line with product portfolio and their key drivers, we have migrated to ‘Rx Generation’ model with greater focus on key therapeutic areas and specialist coverage.



2010 Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd. becomes a wholly owned subsidiary. Ranks among Top-20 generic player at 18th position.
2007 The Joint Venture post the three year agreement decided to recruit its own field force. 1 dossier was filed in FY07 with MCC.
2004 First Commercialization of products by Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Pty. Major alliance and a three year agreement signed with Pharmaplan for hiring sales force after Triomed was acquired by Aspen. Joint venture with Venturepharm initiated. One dossier was filed for FY05.
2000 Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd. begins its Generic business operation in South Africa through marketing alliance with Triomed for two of its major products.