Acting with dynamism to bring good health

How the CPS team helped make critical life-saving medicines available


Custom Pharma Services (CPS) is our strategic business unit that draws from our expertise and capabilities in pharmaceutical development and manufacturing to provide innovators with customized services and solutions. The business serves pharma companies of all sizes, worldwide.

One of the largest European pharmaceutical companies was facing a manufacturing slowdown caused through the implementation of audit related procedures. To ensure the availability of a critical lifesaving drug, the company had to reach out to find an external supplier that could step in quickly to meet the challenging requirement: to deliver 20 tons of the penultimate stage of a complex, multi-stage API in just three months!

Ensuring good health means acting with agility and dynamism, which our CPS team did. Within one day of the initial request, a thorough evaluation of the requirements was done. Even though Dr. Reddy’s already had  the capability to produce the generic version of the drug, it faced two major hurdles. The first was to provide a facility to manufacture the drug substance using the requested route. The second was to source the necessary raw materials to produce the 20 tons of the end product in good time.

The CPS team overcame both challenges with tight coordination and fantastic teamwork. Two months after the contract was inked, the new production facility in India was up and running. 20 tons were delivered ahead of schedule and the delivery of an additional 30 tons further confirmed the superior customer experience.

This became possible because the CPS team worked closely with the customer to take decisions quickly. It required a clear understanding of what was needed and an open two-way communication to get plans approved rapidly. To us – and to the world – it proved that Dr. Reddy’s had the experience and the right spirit and capabilities to bring good health for all.