For Patients

Sparsh - Financial assistance program for underprivileged cancer patients

Sparsh is a patient assistance program to help economically challenged patients complete chemotherapy treatment. The program serves those who suffer not only from the disease, but also from the burden of high-cost treatment. Having benefited over 6,000 patients, Sparsh has truly brought hope and health to underprivileged cancer patients.

Disease Management and Awareness initiatives

ASSIST - Hair loss awareness program

Hair loss is a medical problem and correct treatment can only be sought from a dermatologist. Assist is our endeavor to spread awareness and educate patients about the various facets of the problem, and help them seek proper treatment. Patients can SMS 'ASSIST' to 54646, call toll-free number 1800-233-9126 or log on to to get referred to dermatologists in their vicinity, and get access to appropriate medical advice.

CHEER - Compliance program for CKD patients

Committed to Help, Educate and Encourage Renal patients (CHEER) is a support program to improve adherence to therapy for Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) patients. The initiative touches every minor aspect of patients’ lives, and helps them understand and manage the condition better. Enrolled patients are advocated positive lifestyle changes related to nutrition and diet, to help them cope with emotional stress that often overwhelms them.

MITR - Lifestyle support program for cancer patients

Mitr – a toll-free helpline is a confidential psychological / emotional support service program for cancer patients. It is normal for patients to experience stress, worry and concern as a result of diagnosis or treatment. Mitr - a caring companion, can be reached by enrolled patients to discuss their feelings, needs and concerns, and seek self-care tips.

Vega Club - Education program for IBD patients

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) is a chronic medical condition, which if left untreated, may manifest into more severe conditions. Understanding IBD may help patients to be less anxious about the condition, which may ease the severity of symptoms. Once diagnosed, patients should be on therapy to control and suppress symptoms, and ensure symptom free days. Adherence, thus, is extremely important. Vega Club is a patient support initiative in which gastroenterologists educate and counsel ulcerative colitis patients about the disease. Participating patients also share their experiences and success stories, which motivate participants to adhere to ulcerative colitis therapy.

SAHYOG -  Support program for prostate cancer patients

Prostate cancer can, at times, leave the patient stressed, overwhelmed or confused. Sahyog is a patient support program intended to extend information, support and advice to patients affected by prostate cancer. Since compliance to therapy and regular interaction with the doctor is critical to the treatment, Sahyog offers value-added services such as doctor visit reminders, health and diet tips, diagnostic support and information guides on prostate cancer, touching various aspects of the disease and its treatment.

LIV POSITIVE - Compliance program for hepatitis B patients

Misconceptions and lack of awareness about hepatitis B can lead to missed opportunities for appropriate treatment and care. Amongst diagnosed patients, non-adherence to therapy is common. Bridging the knowledge gap about the disease, Liv Positive is a patient support / education program aimed at improving adherence, and thus, better disease management. Enrolled patients receive regular health tips, lifestyle modification inputs, dosage reminders, dos/don’ts, diet charts, counseling and diagnostic support.

Roshni - Diabetes awareness initiative

Roshni aims to bring undetected diabetics to light. Many patients with type 2 diabetes are unaware of their condition, making awareness the first step towards addressing diabetes and associated complications. Early detection leads to early initiation of treatment and thus, lesser complications. Various awareness activities are conducted as part of the Roshni initiative, through which we touch school children and corporates. Regular camps are also organized to detect new cases of diabetes.

Save The Gen Next - Anti-tobacco drive

Save The Gen Next is an awareness initiative dedicated to fulfilling the dream of a tobacco-free India. Research suggests that tobacco usage amongst young adults is increasing drastically, and poses high risk for cancers such as head & neck, and lung cancer. We reach out to young, impressionable children in schools and adolescents in colleges with the intent of making them torch bearers to spread the message of Tobacco-Free India. Leading oncologists interact with teenagers and faculty in schools and colleges, spreading awareness and sensitizing them about harmful effect of tobacco usage and resulting cancers.

Awareness For Life - Lifestyle diseases awareness program for corporates

A program for corporate India, Awareness For Life is aimed at educating corporates on the causes of lifestyle diseases, early detection, prevention and timely treatment interventions.