Enabling better patient-care in the multi-dimensional healthcare industry, Dr. Reddy’s Foundation for Health Education (DRFHE) touches all stakeholders in the healthcare delivery chain through its various initiatives. DRFHE’s efforts are focused in two areas – Training and Awareness.

The ‘Training’ vertical of DRFHE concentrates on enhancing interpersonal skills of healthcare stakeholders to facilitate world class patient care. While the ‘Awareness’ vertical attempts to reduce the looming non-communicable disease epidemic by reaching out to corporate employees, creating awareness, resulting in disease prevention.

Inner Circle - Soft skills program for young doctors

The Inner Circle program for young doctors aims to develop in them patient handling skills, such as empathy and communication, critical to their careers as physicians.

Abhilasha - Soft skills program for nurses

The Abhilasha program for nurses aims to impart soft skills necessary for effective patient management and enhanced service orientation.

Sarathi - Soft skills program for physicians’ assistants and front office

The Sarathi program for physicians’ assistants and front office staff - the go-betweens between patient and doctor, enhances personal effectiveness and interpersonal skills as they assist patients with various procedures, help them undergo tests and even counsel them when required.

Sanjeevani - Soft skills program for pharmacists

The Sanjeevani program for pharmacists aims to develop in them self-confidence and empathy towards their customers, and improve skills required for effective prescription dispensation.

Awareness For Life - Lifestyle diseases awareness program for corporates

A program for corporate India, Awareness For Life is aimed at educating corporates on the causes of lifestyle diseases, early detection, prevention and timely treatment interventions.

To know more about our programs, write to us at drfhe@drreddys.com