For Doctors

E-Hypertension Academy - Hypertension management program for CPs

A collaboration with the Association of Physicians of India (API), the e-Hypertension Academy initiative aims to upgrade the knowledge and expertise of practicing physicians in the field of hypertension management. The modules covered in the certificate course are also webcasted in multiple locations across India.

PromOTE India - Cancer diagnosis initiative for Primary Health Physicians

Conducted in association with the Indian Co-operative Oncology Network (ICON), PromOTE India (Promotion of Oncology Training and Education in India) is an initiative aimed at early detection and diagnosis of cancer. Primary health physicians are educated about early stage diagnosis and detection by eminent oncologists. The program also helps primary physicians understand latest treatment strategies in the field of oncology. Approved by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, PromOTE India is also conducted in medical colleges for MBBS and PG students.

Info-Jini - Knowledge support for doctors

Info-jini is a unique service that provides valuable scientific information inputs to doctors. To help them keep pace with medical advancements, Info-jini gives doctors access to latest, evidence-based medical data required to make informed clinical decisions.

Expert Speak - Renal anemia update for nephrologists

The Expert Speak initiative intends to upgrade knowledge of nephrologists in the management of renal anemia. The annual program is a platform through which nephrologists connect with international KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) to understand and imbibe best treatment practices.

ARISE (Rise Against Arthritis) - Arthritis awareness for general physicians

Filling the information gap in areas of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, ARISE programs are a medium through which specialists (orthopedicians / rheumatologists) reach out to general physicians and educate them about the disease and its symptoms. Early intervention of such informed general physicians can save the patients’ joints and other vital organs. Programs are also conducted to educate doctors about visco-supplementation - a non-pharmacological intervention for management of osteoarthritis.

DEEKSHA - Dyspepsia awareness for CPs

A collaboration with the Indian Society of Gastroenterology (ISG), Deeksha aims to update physicians with the latest treatment approach for management of dyspepsia. The program helps them diagnose the condition through symptoms-based approach and prescribe the most apt treatment as per the ROME III Guidelines.

Ecolution - Probiotics awareness for pediatricians

Ecolution is a program to educate pediatricians about the role probiotics play in the treatment of acute gastroenteritis in children. Speakers of international repute connect with pediatricians across India with expert inputs on the subject. Such informed pediatricians are expected to deliver better patient care, leading to faster recovery and preventing recurrence of the pathological condition.

Meet The Stars - Update on latest developments in management of Colorectal cancer

Meet The Stars is a prestigious platform through which oncologists in India interact with international KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) of colorectal cancer. The scientific symposium consists of an overview on management of colorectal cancer in India, followed by international speakers sharing global perspective on the management of the condition.

USI-AUA Instructional Course - Knowledge upgrade for PG Urology students

Conducted in collaboration with the Urological Society of India (USI) and American Urology Association (AUA), the instructional course for post graduate students throws light on the latest developments in the field of Urology. An annual program, it is a platform where eminent faculty from India and abroad share insights on sub-therapeutic areas in Urology. Students from all over India participate in this program, which encourages peer learning and discussions with faculties.

Crown Club - Knowledge upgrade for dentists

The Crown Club program brings KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders), Indian Dental Association and practicing dentists together on a continuous learning platform for the latter to understand and imbibe new-age learnings in diagnosis, management and home care of prominent dental diseases.