Working with Dr. Reddy's Laboratories

We provide a professionally empowering and rewarding experience to our people. Rightly perceived as a value-driven, employee-friendly corporate, our focus is on three key themes - ensuring consistent and quality engagement with our employees; retaining high performing talent, and providing better opportunities to potential talent.

As we try to touch all stakeholders in the healthcare delivery chain, we constantly challenge ourselves to do it in ways better and innovative. This drives career growth of our people, adds to their experience and inspires performance. Efforts never go unnoticed. Top performers are duly appreciated, rewarded and retained, and that’s why over 95% of our high performers choose to stay with us. Also, a major share of our managerial vacancies are filled internally.

Our field force of over 3500 is deployed across the length and breadth of the country. Ensuring that healthcare is accessible where it is needed the most, many of our people work in various back of beyond locations. We walk the extra mile to ensure that all our field employees working remotely stay energized, connected and engaged adequately. Field contribution is recognized and rewarded, and our lucrative incentive structure aligns individual contributions to business success.

Offering unmatched career opportunities, Global Generics-India is a great place to work if you aspire continuous learning and growth. While we encourage our employees to learn on-the-job, our empowered managers play coaches by helping their reportees define objectives for professional growth and pursue them. Employees at all stages in their careers are exposed to relevant skill and knowledge upgrade programs from time to time. Performance reviews are conducted twice annually, at mid-year and year-end. Our robust feedback system aligns employees and their work with organizational purpose and values, facilitating their professional growth and development. The process is fair and transparent, and based upon an assessment by a team rather than individuals.