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Sustainability in Action


At Dr. Reddy’s, environmental sustainability is a responsibility we owe to patients, partners and the community, ensuring a safe environment for the good health of present and future generations. Over the years, we have undertaken a number of initiatives that demonstrate our commitment to the environment. We have been consistently investing in environmental measures, including green chemistry; solvent recovery; waste reduction at source; water and energy audits; water harvesting; and recycling.


We are constantly exploring new ways to reduce, reuse and recycle water. As a testimony to our efforts, our usage of freshwater per unit sale today stands at about 35% of what it was about a decade ago. Our commitment also extends to our efforts in treating wastewater discharge and water treatment at our plants, where the treated effluents are recycled within the facilities for use in utilities and/or gardening.


Our environmental efforts go beyond water treatment to energy use as well. We strive to use energy efficiently in all areas of our work and particularly in the crucial areas of development, manufacturing and sourcing. In our development effort, we’ve employed the use of green chemistry for energy optimization. Our manufacturing locations see regular large-scale, end-to-end energy conservation drives to minimize the environmental impact. Similarly, when it comes to sourcing, reduced transportation through vendor proximity and virtual transactions helps us limit environmental impact. These initiatives have helped consistently reduce our energy usage per unit sale by 44%, over a ten-year period.

More information on our sustainability efforts can be found in our sustainability reports here