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  For us at Dr. Reddy’s, sustainability means a thriving organization working towards a single purpose: accelerating access
to affordable and innovative medicines, in ways that are economically, socially and environmentally sustainable.
To achieve this in a meaningful and lasting way, we have:
Identified our stakeholders and defined how we can serve them, because sustainability also involves meeting our responsibilities to all stakeholders, without compromising on the interests of one group to serve another. Taken steps to make our operations both productive and sustainable. Our goal is to give patients and partners the assurance of quality, safe, efficacious and affordable medicines, secure supply and consistent services; keep streamlining our manufacturing processes to effectively use and conserve resources; and ensure clean manufacturing that minimizes our environmental impact. Ensured that our performance is in line with our economic, social and environmental goals.
After describing our organization in the next chapter, the rest of this report describes these elements of our sustainability approach in detail.