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Friday, April 10, 2020

It is, of course, the highest priority of the betapharm team in Germany to ensure our medicines are available for the country’s patients. However, the team in Germany always had a reputation of going beyond the pill. Under the guidance of the beta institute and the so called betaCare initiative, it provides educational patient guidebooks for more than 15 years, which earned them strong relationships with customers and patients. When the initial COVID-19 cases reached Germany, it was a colleague from the field force, who came up with the suggestion to leverage this strength and the well-established communication channels with healthcare professionals and pharmacists to provide a trusted source of helpful tips and guidance around the corona virus situation.

Already working on information related to Coronavirus, the team of beta institute integrated this proposal by expanding the information horizon. Within few days, the team put together practical tips on social security aspects, wellbeing and stress/anxiety management, impact on home care, patient advanced directive, etc. The team behind, takes meticulous care to ensure the content is kept up-to-date to keep pace with the ever-changing situation in their efforts to provide a little relieve and to help people better cope with the new challenges.