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Ensuring access to medicines to our patients in UK


Saturday, April 25, 2020

With the COVID 19 situation in the UK getting graver, it became challenging to keep supply of life-saving medicines up and running. Our customer service team in UK, working remotely, suddenly noticed a spike in order volumes. With seamless collaboration and precision, the situation was tackled head-on and with gusto. It has been challenging at times, with the urgency of the products clashing with the impracticality of being located in different places, but given where we are right now and with everything being up-to-date it shows that these kind of issues have been short-lived and overcome with a consistent level of attention and enthusiasm to undertake the tasks at hand as well as continuing to provide the level of service we always strive to deliver.

“Our customer service and supply chain teams have adapted quickly and near seamlessly to the new working conditions under Covid19. As a team they have worked amazingly well to ensure our pharmacy customers and in turn our patients receive Dr Reddy’s medication with limited disruption,” said Sean McAuliffe, Country Head, Dr. Reddy’s UK.