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Management Council

Inspiring Leadership

Our Management Council ensures that everything we do leads to perfect alignment - between our purpose of addressing patients’ needs, and our business goals. Consisting of senior management members from various functions, the Council decides on our company’s long term strategy, growth initiatives and overall organizational health. Our Management Council plays an important role in ensuring safe and productive operations, as well as in controlling risks in the business.

Whole Time Directors

  • Satish Reddy Satish Reddy
  • G V Prasad G V Prasad

Management Team

  • Erez Israeli Erez Israeli
  • Archana Bhaskar Archana Bhaskar
  • M V Ramana M V Ramana
  • Marc Kikuchi Marc Kikuchi
  • Sanjay Sharma Sanjay Sharma
  • Deepak Sapra Deepak Sapra
  • Patrick Aghanian Patrick Aghanian
  • Mukesh Rathi Mukesh Rathi
  • Parag Agarwal Parag Agarwal