With the patient, every step of the way

Promius Promise is helping teens track and complete their prescribed acne regimen


In the average teen’s life, discovering the first pimple is often a traumatic experience. If the acne is severe and uncontrolled, the experience can be difficult to live with both physically and emotionally. Treatment is often long and its success depends on being able to adhere to a strict regimen of medication.

As many patients are young, adherence to medication can be a problem especially as it involves the FDA-mandated risk mitigation program, iPLEDGE™, which has many requirements. Whilst doctors believe Isotretinoin to be one of the most effective drugs for treating severe acne, potential safety concerns and high out of pocket costs for patients may make it challenging for some patients to receive proper therapy.  Both patients and doctors struggle to meet the regulatory requirements, which may lead to inconsistent and possibly less effective treatment. 

Recognizing the predicament of patients, we created the Promius Promise program to help patients stay on track and complete their prescribed regimen.

Promius Pharma, our US branded subsidiary, and the North American Generics team partnered to bring Zenatane to patients through the Promius Promise. This is a customer-centric service program that provides information and frequent reminders while helping to reduce product cost for eligible patients through a co-pay offset component. 

We established a strategic relationship with an iPLEDGE certified pharmacy that receives and processes prescriptions, and delivers Zenatane to all iPLEDGE eligible patients at no cost.. We created a dedicated phone line, secure physician web portal, and an app that can help provide answers to questions and allow for product updates. We also took steps to reduce the financial burden on the patient, especially people without insurance or high-cost plans. To date, this automatically applied rebate program has saved patients more than $3.0 million.

Since we began the program in April 2013, we have supported more than 30,000 patients. More than 2,100 iPLEDGE eligible dermatology providers are also involved in the program, which already represents 23% of the iPLEDGE certified dermatologists in the US. The program has effectively enabled patients to make the system work for them – making it more streamlined and as efficient as possible.