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Medication can’t be taken lightly

Small things matter, like making the pill consuming experience as hassle-free as possible for patients.


We are always seeking new ways to improve our products, packaging and services to enhance patient care. The basis for our actions comes from robust insights generated by talking to patients. These deep discussions with patients help us understand their unstated needs.

In our research, we found patients often forget to take their prescribed drug, interrupting the treatment cycle; or sometimes the dosage information is not visible from the packaging once he or she has started taking a particular medicine. There are many such daily challenges that the patient has to encounter. These critical priorities encouraged us to redesign our drug packaging, keeping our patients’ convenience in mind.

The result is an innovative, patient-centric blister packaging that brings about significant advantages and facilitates adherence to medicine and convenience for the patient. We introduced this innovative packaging for our Reclimet-XR, Bilefix™ and Olsertain-CT™ brands in the Indian market.

First, the pack extensions are color-coded with a dual purpose: to help patients identify a particular medicine among the rest of his or her medication; the extensions also enhance the ease of repurchase. Second, we provide a dosing matrix to record the doctor’s prescription on the pack itself, so that there is no need to refer to the prescription for the exact dosing. Third, the brand name, expiry date and MRP are clearly marked on the pack extension. These are not removed even if the patient consumes pills from the pack (a very common problem found with most blister and strip packages in India). The white color of the aluminum foil gives a paper-like reading experience by reducing glares and reflections.

We learnt from our patient interviews that week-based purchase rituals are better suited for adherence to the treatment cycle than monthbased rituals. We therefore specially designed our packs to have 14 pills to ensure patients do not fail to take their medicines regularly and help them move from a monthly to a weekly buying pattern.

To take our innovation from the drawing board to a manufacturing reality, we redesigned parts of machines in our facilities and trained our people for the purpose. We will be extending these insights and innovations to multiple other products and dosage formats.

Small things matter, like making the pill consuming experience as hassle-free as possible for patients. These incremental innovations in packaging will surely help our patients manage their disease better. While we can definitely do a lot more, this is a good start.