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It’s not just about medicine

Our German subsidiary betapharm has been providing educational patient guidebooks under its betaCare initiative for over 14 years


We know that living with a disease goes far beyond physical hardship. Patients and their families also have to face the challenge of reorganizing their lives accordingly. To address this, our German subsidiary betapharm has been providing educational patient guidebooks under its betaCare initiative for over 14 years.

Germany offers patients one of the best and most comprehensive healthcare systems in the world. However, its complex multi-provider structure - established in 1883 when Otto von Bismarck signed the first Health Insurance Bill - often proves overwhelming.

Finding the right information can be frustrating, especially in a situation when people are confronted with news that may suddenly turn their lives upside down. The uncertainty about financial and treatment support as well as handling upcoming decisions weighs heavily on the shoulders of patients and their relatives.

This is where betaCare guidebooks come in, giving easy-to-understand answers to important legal questions about a patient’s specific disease.  Their main focus is on legal issues relating to pain, neurological and oncological diseases, as well as on elderly patients and their needs. 

Among the strongest supporters of the guidebooks are physicians. "Especially relatives often ask me about the different levels of available nursing, but I don’t know all this legislation myself, and it changes every year," says one doctor. "The guidebooks give me really meaningful support. They are so valuable that we even put our stamp on them and lend them to patients!"

The content in the betaCare guidebooks stems from the beta Institut, an independent organization that follows a holistic approach to healthcare. The people behind the beta Institut take meticulous care to ensure the content is up-to-date, keeps pace with ever-changing regulations and – thanks to their professional research tool called betanet - always answers the most demanding questions related to a specific healthcare issue.

With about 12,000 visitors daily, is the most comprehensive database on social law issues, enabling targeted professional research in Germany.

In 2016, betapharm distributed more than 44,000 betaCare guidebooks across different therapeutic areas to help patients manage their diseases better. To learn more about betaCare, visit (in German only).

These guidebooks are intended for information purpose only. Please contact your physician for any medical advice.