A PACT of good health for cancer patients

How we improved the quality of interactions between oncologists and their patients with a mobile-based decision support tool


Cancer is a growing phenomenon, worldwide. In India, the problem is compounded by the fact that there are only about 1,600 cancer specialists to treat hundreds of thousands of cancer patients. The result is, oncologists in India are highly constrained for time, meeting on an average of over fifty patients a day. Additionally, treatment of cancer requires the doctor to routinely consult multiple sources of information including textbooks, journals, articles on the Internet, drug information, etc. All of this directly impacts the amount of time that the doctor is able to spend with the patient – and ultimately, the quality of their interactions.

Appreciating the fact that good health is a direct result of the time and the quality of interaction that cancer specialists have with their patients, we devised a mobile application called PACT (Practice Aid for Cancer Treatment) to alleviate some of the problems that doctors faced, while treating their patients. Unlike other mobile apps, PACT is a one-of-its-kind comprehensive and scientifically validated in-clinic support tool for oncologists. The app helps oncologists support their decisions in treating their patients.

It acts as a reliable, effective and interactive ready reckoner on oncology. It gives medical professionals calculators for some of the prognostic calculators like Absolute Neutrophil Count (ANC), Febrile Neutropenia Risk, ESA Response, Non-Hodgkin's Lympoma (NHL) Prognosis, Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS) International Prognostic Scoring System and much more.

Additionally, the app also contains information on the most updated global cancer practice guidelines, a global conference calendar for the various conferences around the world and comprehensive prescribing information on the key Dr. Reddy's products. The best part is that the app is designed to be fully functional even without any Internet connectivity.

Ultimately, having a ready reckoner for key information helps doctors optimize their time, cater to more patients and improve the quality of their interaction with patients.

The result? More engaged doctors, better quality of treatment and more satisfied patients. PACT is reinforcing our commitment to partner with oncologists to enhance cancer care for millions of patients in India.