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Re-investing a major part of our earnings in the research and development has helped us grow steadily.  These investments have led us to build strong R&D capabilities not just in India, but worldwide. While our product development centers in Hyderabad and Bangalore carry out a large part of our research and development, they are complemented by centers across the USA, UK and the Netherlands.

Generics is our largest business, and our R&D capabilities within Generics are as distinctive. We have strong capabilities within the more complex pharmaceutical ingredients – novel crystalline and amorphous forms, semi-synthetic APIs, chirals, prostaglandins, peptides, carbohydrates and nano-particle based products. Our analytical capabilities too, match up to the complexity of these APIs. We’re able to handle advanced physico-chemical and biological characterization such as particle morphology, sequencing, secondary and tertiary structures with ease. Advanced particle engineering solutions and complex scale-ups (such as, those using microsphere and liposomal technologies) allow us to ultimately create complex products or dosage forms that require differentiated go-to-market strategies.

Biologics on the other hand, is one of our fastest growing businesses. Our research capabilities within Biologics are growing in step with the growing importance of the business. Dr. Reddy’s has end-to-end research capabilities in Biologics, thanks to an integrated organization that leverages the strengths of individual centers of excellence at Hyderabad, Basel and Princeton.

State-of-the-art technology in cell line and process development, along with our capabilities in bio-analytics and our extensive experience with complex, healthy volunteer and patient studies aid our product and clinical development. These are complemented by our regulatory expertise where we have first-hand experience with the key regulatory agencies, including the EU and the US.

Our Proprietary Products business focuses on novel and differentiated formulations targeting the dermatology and neurology segments. In dermatology, we focus our research effort on indications like Psoriasis, Atopic Dermatitis, Seborrheic Dermatitis and Actinic Keratosis with delivery technologies like topical products, injectables and oral modified release dosage forms.

While, in neurology, we pursue indications like migraine, epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease with delivery technologies like buccal, sublingual, intranasal and injectable dosage forms.