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Small acts can make a big difference


B Prasad Veerabhadra

It was a bright, sunny day, and I all of 17 years, was out on my bike running an errand. While waiting at the traffic signal, I was thinking of the movies I could watch, how to ask my mother for more pocket money, how to avoid my father's attention, and cursing the stage I was in life because I had to answer the then toughest  question, "what next?" Like most boys of that age, I felt all the world's burdens were on my shoulders.

Suddenly, my eyes were drawn towards a poor woman with her young son seated at one corner of the street, weeping. Everyone could see them but nobody felt the need to enquire or help them. A feeling of guilt touched me. I got off my bike and handed over five rupees to the mother. Her face lit up and she rushed off to buy a small biscuit packet for her crying son. He held it with both hands, and I could see his smile reach his eyes. That's when I realized how a little gesture can help someone in a big way. I asked myself, “If people who struggle every day of their lives get so much joy from five rupees and a packet of biscuits, who am I to cry about my life? I have a family and a roof over my head. If I have an income why not help such people?” 

This was my calling to the social sector and how I decided to make a career in it. My parents were furious. They thought I would end up sweeping the streets and be a financial burden on them for life. But I followed my passion and completed my graduation and post-graduation in social work. Today, 18 years later, I am a successful CSR professional. I have reached out to a lot of people in need and saved many lives.

I realized my passion at a young age and acted on it. Now, I look forward to continuing to make a small difference in this big world.