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My company’s compassion and care saved my baby’s life


Dheeraj Sheshabattar

Our lives were filled with happiness and our hearts with love for the reason that we were blessed with a little baby girl. We were enjoying every second with her, when suddenly one day during her routine checkup she was diagnosed with a rare birth defect – “Craniosynostosis”. A condition that changes the growth pattern of human skull, which in turn causes the impairment of mental development.

This was something that we had never even heard of. We consulted the Pediatric Neuro Surgeon, who said that a Cranio Facial Surgery was the only solution and it should be done really fast. We couldn’t bear the thought of her going through surgery at that toddler age and we were really scared. What made it worse was that the Insurance provider wouldn’t cover this surgery as it was considered as a birth defect.

We were really at a sad and low point in our lives. That was when I approached my L+2 and HR Department and explained my situation to them. I am very thankful and happy to say that Dr. Reddy’s provided the necessary financial assistance within a day. The surgery went on for six hours and by God’s grace, it was successful. It has been almost three months now and my baby girl has recovered really quickly and is all smiles.

I am very thankful for all the prayers and emotional support that I received from my colleagues and am really grateful to Dr. Amit Biswas, K.T. Gandhi, Sritharan Sitharaman and the HR Department for helping me in my tough situation. I am proud to be part of such a compassionate and caring organization.