My child is not special, his clock is just a few hours slow


Areli Yuseth Ríos Quintero

No one tells you how scary motherhood is. You don’t get a manual with the positive test.You read, plan, even decide what type of mother to be, but when the baby comes, you forget all of it and just pray day by day to survive.

I was a healthy pregnant woman, Alex was a healthy baby boy inside me, and everything was great, but a series of unexpected events resulted in a major complication that threatened my baby’s life. Alex fought and survived. He got to keep his life but not all his abilities: Alex was diagnosed with general developmental delay.

It’s been the hardest test of my life, because I simply don’t know any of the answers. In this journey up the mountain, I’m learning to hike, to walk on risky ground, and I’ve discovered how amazing , how peaceful and rewarding it is.The first day out of the hospital was scary and lonely but the more you embrace it the more you get blessed. I’ve met the most wonderful people and I’ve seen the greatest side of my friends and family.I have realized that no matter how big the problem, if you have people to share it with, it gets smaller every day.This experience showed me that in Dr. Reddy’s Mexico it is People First. I’m so proud and thankful to  the company; most of all my co-workers and the team that I belong to, they are just the BEST HR TEAM.

Many people,on hearing your story or seeing your baby, say that they are special, they’re here for a bigger reason. Honestly? No, we’re not special.We are normal people who have a more complicated life. Being a different mom has many meanings, like you’re a vegan mom, a rational mom, or an authoritarian mom. For me it means to be a patient mother, to understand that every kid has its own clock but my child’s is a few hours late. My expectation for my son is the same as that of any “normal” parent. I don’t need Olympic medals. I need him walking through life, through the University. I need a big smile on his face during a race with his cousins.My son may achieve independence and if he does, he will do it differently.