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Dr. Reddy's works with youth, farmers, and specially abled people to enhance their employability. Improving a person's ability to earn a livelihood translates into an enhanced income, better health and better quality of life for the community and a nation. Dr. Reddy's runs a number of programs in line with this objective:

GROW, earlier knows as LABS, focuses on “Better Skills & Better Jobs”. GROW aims at delivering industry aligned core employability skills which are domain agnostic and meet the job requirement of multiple sectors; and placing youth in quality jobs which match their aspirations. The project is implemented in partnership with Dr Reddy’s Foundation.

GROW for People with Disabilities
GROW PwD is a placement linked skilling programme for youth with physical/orthopaedic challenges, vision, and speech and hearing impairment. The program offers training for youth who have completed 10th, 12th or graduation, and are in between 18-35 years of age. The programme is implemented in partnership with Dr Reddy’s Foundation.

High Quality Health Care Skilling
The availability of qualified human resource has emerged as a significant challenge facing healthcare delivery mechanism. To combat the problem, High Quality Health Care Skilling (HQHCS) program trains youth who seek employment opportunity in the non-medical healthcare sector. HQHCS is implemented in partnership with Dr Reddy’s Foundation.

Making Integrated Transformation through Resourceful Agriculture (MITRA)
MITRA aims at empowering these farmers by encouraging them to adopt latest technology and farming practices with the help of the Lead Farmers Platform (LFP) which helps them enhance the productivity; reduce the input costs, resulting in increase in income of the farmers. The project is implemented in partnership with Dr Reddy’s Foundation.

Farmer Field Schools
Implemented in partnership with Naandi Foundation, the project aims at empowering the farmers working at coffee plantations in the Araku Valley Region, Andhra Pradesh. The farmers have been trained on organic-biodynamic farming, farmer cooperation and business planning. These efforts resulting in enhancing the income of the farmers.