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Better quality of life


Dr. Reddy’s works with youth, farmers, and specially abled people to enhance their employability. Improving a person’s ability to earn a livelihood translates into an enhanced income, better health and better quality of life for the community and a nation. Dr. Reddy’s runs a number of programs in line with this objective:


Grow, earlier knows as LABS, focuses on improving ‘Core Employability’ skills to ensure the youth is equipped with appropriate knowledge for his/her sector-of-choice and help kick start their career. The hands-on short duration program includes English, Communicative English, Computer skills and Interview skills. Rigorous and regular assessments ensure there is a skill shift, which is central to the program’s success.

Grow for People with Disabilities

Modeled on the lines of Grow, the Grow-PwD program focuses on youth with orthopaedic disability and speech/ hearing impairment and provides them with skills to help them get employment. 60-day program focuses on ‘core employability’ skills and preps youth to face job interviews with confidence. The learning centres are well equipped with accessible infrastructure and trained professionals, which include sign-language experts to coach the youth on core employability skills.


MITRA, helps small and marginalised farmers enhance their income. It aims to develop an impactful, scalable and sustainable agri-extension delivery platform to empower small and marginal farmers. The objective is to help the small and marginal farmers in the areas of technology, irrigation, digital and financial literacy.