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Building healthier communities


While medicines are one way we bring good health to people, we have a number of other initiatives that are in line with our belief. Indeed, the delivery of healthcare is largely dependent on developing a robust ecosystem capable of bringing good health to every member of the community. Sadly, there are a number of places – especially in rural India – where infrastructural problems prevent delivery of healthcare. Dr. Reddy’s Foundation runs a number of programs designed to make basic healthcare available in these communities.

Community Health Intervention Program (CHIP)

The Community Health Intervention Program is designed to improve the rate of survival of infants and children in more than 54 villages throughout rural India. The program improve basic support for ante- and post-natal care, safe delivery and infant care, primary immunization of children by the age of one and safe motherhood. The program leverages well-trained ANM, GNMs and Nursing Midwives in addition to two mobile ambulances, to deliver healthcare to these villages. Additionally, the program also entails a Fixed Day Health Care Service (FDHS), where doctors conduct regular screening and attend to basic health issues on fixed days, twice each week in each village.


Community Health Intervention Program (CHIP)