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Building healthier communities


While medicines are one way we bring good health to people, we have a number of other initiatives that are in line with our belief. Indeed, the delivery of healthcare is largely dependent on developing a robust ecosystem capable of bringing good health to every member of the community. Sadly, there are a number of places – especially in rural India – where infrastructural problems prevent delivery of healthcare. Dr. Reddy’s Foundation runs a number of programs designed to make basic healthcare available in these communities.

Community Health Intervention Programme
Community Health Intervention Programme (CHIP) was started with an objective to provide primary healthcare services at the door step to the people living in the rural community, who do not have access to healthcare. Implemented in partnership with NICE Foundation, the programme focuses on the delivery of primary healthcare, which also includes maternal and neo natal healthcare, and the appropriate dissemination of health related information, in 155 villages of Andhra Pradesh.

Roshni Helpline
Implemented in partnership with Roshni Trust, the Roshni Helpline extends tele-counselling support in the areas of emotional and mental wellbeing. In addition to the tele-counselling support, need based in- person counselling is provided at the Roshni’s Care Centre.


Community Health Intervention Program (CHIP)