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Education for all


Education is the universal enabler, not only in delivering good health, but also for the progress of the nation as a whole. Dr. Reddy’s firmly believes that access to a good education and schooling is every child’s right. That is why, through its Foundation, Dr Reddy’s works with schools, communities and other stakeholders apart from developing strategies to bring children of all age groups into mainstream education. The various education initiatives include:

Pudami Schools

Pudami Schools were established in 2007 to makequality English training available for medium education to children from all walks of life, with special focus on children from low-income communities. The schools currently comprise four Pudami Neighbourhood Schools and twenty Pudami Primaries. In addition to the academics, a number of co-curricular activities and exciting inter-cluster and inter-school competitions give the students an opportunity to showcase their talent and learning. Kallam Anji Reddy Vidyalaya (KARV), a model Pudami School, caters to 1600 students with State of Art educational facilities. The schools have a combined strength of 11,000 children, across 250 communities in and around Hyderabad.

School Improvement Program

Initiated in 2011, the School Improvement Program (SIP) supports 27 government schools surrounding Dr Reddy’s manufacturing units in five districts that cover nearly 150 villages and support more than 12,000 students.School Improvement Programs are designed to help schools and students in various academic and non-academic aspects such as Remedial support, Scholarships, Computer Skills, Sports, Water and Sanitation.

KARV College

The Kallam Anji Reddy Vocational (KARV) College trains students who have completed Class X in two-year vocational courses preparing them for employment. The college offers courses in the domains of Health, Automobile Engineering, Customer Relations, Nursing, Diagnostics Services, Computer courses, Preprimary and Hotel Operations. Established in 2002, the college trains 500 students each year, for exciting job opportunities ahead. Since its inception, the college has successfully put thousands of low-income youths on promising career paths.

Teach for India

Teach for India is a project that is spearheaded by a leading media conglomerate in India. Dr. Reddy’s supports the Teach for India program by assisting their Fellows who teach in classrooms of low-income schools in Hyderabad and the surrounding area. Trained Fellows connect with local children, providing a fun and rewarding education. The Teach for India Project strengthens the bond between Dr Reddy’s Foundation and Pudami schools. The program harnessesthe energy and capabilities of Dr Reddy’s employees for educating and motivating the children.