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The crusade for bringing about social change can rarely be run alone. Enabling like-minded people who are working on similar themes and equipping them with the right tools is an effective way to achieve a common objective. The Acumen India Fellows Program and CSIM – H are examples of such an initiative.

In 2014, with support from Dr. Reddy’s, Acumen launched its first India-focused Leadership Program – the Acumen India Fellows Program. The group included twenty social change leaders from across India who were creating impact through affordable education programs, innovative mobile healthcare technologies, inclusive credit solutions, inspiring slum soccer programs, and liberating programs for rural farmers.

Through its support to CSIM – H, Dr Reddy’s offers an opportunity to aspiring individuals to transform their ideas and interests into initiatives.  Today, CSIM alumni are generating social benefits in diverse fields such as rural development, education, livelihoods, health, water and sanitation, disability, child protection, old-age homes, and orphanages.

By enabling these change makers, we ensure that our own efforts are multiplied and the effects of social change are widespread, inclusive and long lasting.

Employee Volunteering

Actions, they say, speak louder than words. Perhaps nothing exemplifies this better than the actions we take to build better communities. The anniversary of our founder’s passing is commemorated as Dr. Anji Reddy Week of Giving. Our employees across the world volunteer and contribute their time and effort to make a difference to the society around us.
Fostering scientific temper among school students, spending time with senior citizens, bringing cheer to orphan children, spreading awareness about traffic rules, working to restore a cyclone-ravaged zoo – the the causes are many and diverse, but the commitment shown is the same.

The Dr. Anji Reddy Week of Giving truly exemplifies the culture of giving that Dr. Anji Reddy fostered in our company.