Better quality of life


Dr. Reddy’s Laboraries works with young people, farmers, and disabled people in urban and rural Indiato enhance their employability. Improving a person’s ability to earn a livelihood translates into an enhanced income, better health and better quality of life for the community and a nation.Dr. Reddy’s runs a number of programs in line with this objective:

LABS – Livelihood Advancement Business School

The LABS program targets youth between the ages of 18 and 30, who have limited opportunities and inadequate skill sets. To enable participating youth to gain a foothold in today’s competitive job market, LABS equips them with job-specific skills, soft skills, Basic English, computer skills and placement linkages.Today, the Dr Reddy’s Foundation runs close to 85 centers in more than 22 states. Of the youth covered by this program, nearly 73% successfully obtained entry-level jobs.

LABS for People with Disabilities

Modeled on the lines of LABS, the LABS-PwD program specifically targets people with disabilities, preparing them for employment and integration into mainstream society. The program is run across 20 centers.

Rural livelihoods – LABS for Farmers

Along with urban livelihoods, Dr. Reddy’s Foundation also runs programs that help farmers enhance their income. Called LABS-F (LABS for Farmers), this program uses technology and methodology interventions with farmers to increase productivity, decrease input cost and increase their income.

Skilling Rural Youth

Skilling Rural Youth program is part of our rural program for enhancing rural employment generation. This is a 10-day capacity building program that focuses on soft skills and linking youth with local employment opportunities