Dr. Reddy’s Research and Development


Dr. Reddy’s Research and Development ‒ accelerating access to affordable and innovative injectables

Our fully integrated R&D center in Leiden (Dr. Reddy’s Research and Development B.V./formerly OctoPlus) is an important part of Dr. Reddy’s global generics organization. It brings together a team of enthusiastic scientists who are dedicated to the development of innovative injectable formulations known as complex injectables, which have many potential benefits, especially when conventional formulations don’t work.

Our team focuses on the need for patient comfort and compliance by identifying these challenging and more complex solutions that can either make it possible to guide the drug to its therapeutic target, thereby reducing side effects, or to considerably extend the dosing interval while maintaining its therapeutic effect.

Today, our scientists in Leiden come from over 20 countries and work in close collaboration with Dr. Reddy’s integrated R&D and manufacturing network across the globe. They have extensive expertise in developing targeted drugs and sustained delivery systems such as liposomes, microspheres and nanoparticles. Their deep understanding of the formulation and analysis of complex dosage forms allow for the development of high quality generic medicines that stay true to our core belief: Good Health Can’t Wait.