Active Pharma Ingredients (API)

Our Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) business aims to help our customers succeed by being the first or one of the first few to bring products with high IP, technological and regulatory barriers to market. In doing so, we help them bring affordable and innovative medicines to patients faster.

Dr. Reddy’s is the second-largest generic API provider in the world, covering all major regions: the USA, Europe, Latin America and Asia. We offer more than 150 products, including in niches such as oncology and hormone therapy. We are one of the highest drug master filers worldwide with cumulative filings of 577. Our global sales and marketing team services customers in over 75 countries.

Our API business also provides our Generics business the advantages of cost-competitiveness and faster access to markets stemming from our vertical integration.

DMF Filings

DMFs Filings  
Cumulative global filings 618
US 188
Europe 169
RoW 255
*As of February 11, 2014