Board Of Directors

The Dr. Reddy’s Board of Directors come from diverse fields of expertise bringing a comprehensive outlook to steering us towards our goals, overseeing our performance and helping us serve patients worldwide.

Board Of Directors

Whole Time Directors

  • Satish Reddy Satish Reddy
  • G V Prasad G V Prasad

Independent & Non Whole-time Directors

  • Dr. Omkar Goswami Dr. Omkar Goswami
  • Anupam Puri Anupam Puri
  • Kalpana Morparia Kalpana Morparia
  • Dr. Bruce LA Carter Dr. Bruce LA Carter
  • Sridar Iyengar Sridar Iyengar
  • Bharat Narotam Doshi Bharat Narotam Doshi
  • Prasad R Menon Prasad R Menon
  • Leo Puri Leo Puri